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CO2 Emissions

No question: Travel, especially air travel, causes huge CO2 Emissions. Does that mean you should stay at home? I don’t think so. Many destinations, especially in less developed countries, rely on tourism. If the tourists would stay away, economies would break down. People would not earn enough money anymore. Parents could not feed their children or send them to school. And also the traveler would miss more than a nice holiday. There is a quote by Alexander von Humboldt saying: „The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those who have never viewed the world.“ This means that getting to know different cultures and foreign people makes you more open minded and helps to have a better understanding of the world and the needs of the people worldwide.

So if you still want to travel what can you do about your CO2 emissions?

If you are going on a short distance trip consider taking the train.
You can save up to 73 % of the CO2 emissions you would cause by traveling with your car.

Compensate for your travel.
There are many organizations that let you compensate the CO2 emissions caused by your travel. These non-profit organizations invest in climate protection projects around the world. The projects are funded by donators. On their websites they offer a calculator that helps you calculate the CO2 emmisions of your last trip and the money that needs to be invested in climate protection projects to compensate. You can than directly send the money to the organization and they will invest it for you. Read more: Atmosfair.de

Save Energy
So you compensated for your flight and reached your destination. It is hot, above 35 degrees. First thing you do when you enter your hotel room is turning up the air conditions and open the windows to let in some air? Better not. Save energy at your destination. Turn off the lights in your hotel room when your are leaving it for dinner, keep windows closed while running the air condition, save water.