Development Projects

I recently traveled to Myanmar with my parents. In Ngapali, a region in the west of Myanmar, I had the chance to visit a local NGO project with my mother. A NGO is a Non Governmental Organization which means that private people work together to help others who are in need. With this NGO we delivered solar panels to a village that did not have power supply. Here are some impressions from the visit.

Our Trip started here. The car stopped because of the river. Which meant we had to walk through the river.

Into the Nature of Myanmar we went. It was beautiful.

The other adults from the NGO carried big boxes with solar lamps inside.

We walked a long way through the forests, the fields and tight pathways.

And then finally we arrived in a little village were everyone was waiting for us.

There were many children, too. They looked very interested.

Then women from the NGO explained how to use the solar lamps.

And these were the people who got solar lamps.

After the solar lamps were distributed they welcomed us with a small reception.

And then we had a bumpy ride back to the car.