Education Projects

Many NGOs and Charity Organizations focus on education. School and Kindergarten are not for free in many countries and poor families can not afford to send their children to school. But education is very important to make the life of people better. Some Charity organizations fund school supplies, some build whole schools and some pay for the teachers. During last years I visited several education projetcs in Cambodia and Vietnam. Here are some impressions.

We visited a School in Cambodia (it is empty because of school holidays). One of the charity employees came with us and explained everything.

This school was donated by a Family.

My mom and I visited a kindergarten in Vietnam.

The children were very happy to see us.

They welcomed me very kind and I saw they were exited.

They danced a very cute welcome dance.

Then I had to dance with them.

And we played games. That was fun!

I then gave out some donations.

They all wanted the big boxes with games inside. 🙂

After the visit in the kindergarten we went to visit a school funded by donations.

Every child had one cup for water.

I think they were very happy to be able to be in school.

In this period they learned about how to avoid trash on the streets and garbage collection.

Thanks to a donation all children in the school have access to fresh drinking water.