Environment Projects

Trash, waste or garbage are huge problems in many developing countries. Not so many years ago the people used to grow what they eat. There weren’t many shops selling food or other goods. People simply had what they harvested. If they bought food it was wrapped in banana leafs. So everybody was used to just throw the packaging away. Today everything is wrapped in plastic. But in many countries there is no working garbage collection. So the trash piles up everywhere. Many NGOs and Charity Organizations work on solving the trash problem. Like on that small island in Cambodia.

We started off on a boat to a small island. On the way we saw some fisher boats. Nearly all people living on this Island were fishers.

Due to bad weather conditions we had to use a jetty some miles away from the village and then walk.

The people are very nice to the animals on the island and it was very cute to watch the puppies play.

Before, this place was filled with knee deep rubbish. But then a NGO started a recycling program on the island.

People learned about the value of collecting garbage and dumping it on a designated side. Now everything is tidy.

This is how the families and the people lived.

One of the e NGO employees came with us and the children were already used to her and liked her.